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The IntelliShop eCommerce Platform’s modular architecture and innovative process management allows online stores to be fully aligned with business processes. And, thanks to the integration of middleware, our software can also be quickly and easily integrated into any third party or online affiliate system.

Virtual stores featuring customized user interfaces, optimized offers for the mobile shopping experience, and integration into portals can all be easily implemented within the context of a multistore strategy. And thanks to our process-oriented software approach, virtualization technology, and clustering functions, even very high visitor numbers can be handled accurately and reliably.

E-commerce and mid-sized enterprises

No sales channel requires as much speed, agility, and strategic behavior as online commerce, making it necessary to use a digital platform to map, control, and channel what are often multi-step and non-homogeneous commercial infrastructures, some of which may have been established for decades.

Thomas Mondelli, CEO of IntelliShop AG

“When we talk about e-commerce and mid-sized enterprises today, we’re not just talking about replacing existing, well-established sales channels with digital online commerce, or monopolizing those channels. Instead, the right e-commerce strategy can allow us to strengthen and optimize individual channels. Our motto is ‘Don’t replace – integrate!’”

The IntelliShop eCommerce Platform developed and sold by IntelliShop AG is one of the most powerful and highly scalable e-commerce systems available to corporations and mid-sized enterprise businesses in Germany, the rest of Europe, and the United States.

IntelliShop’s e-commerce solutions can provide e-store operators with a valuable competitive edge in all things e-commerce, thanks to their wide variety of features, adaptable interfaces, and uncompromising stability.


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